Children's Ministry | Calvary Chapel Garland, TX

Calvary Chapel Garland recognizes how important it is for children to be provided with a loving, nurturing, and age-appropriate environment in which they can be cared for by people who believe children are important to God.

God is concerned about the spiritual, physical, and emotional development of our children.

He wants children to grow up in homes that encourage faith and faithfulness.

God also wants His Church to be a safe and loving environment where children can grow in their knowledge of Him.

We understand this work is vital and a great responsibility.

Each teacher has received a special call on his or her life from the Lord Jesus to minister to His precious little lambs.

Calvary Chapel's Children's Ministry is committed "to create an environment where children can personally fall in love with their Savior, Jesus Christ, and mature in their faith to share His Gospel and serve Him for their entire lives."


Children's Church takes place during adult services each Sunday and Wednesday.  It begins with children's worship with music and movement that points to and glorifies the Lord and then children go to classes where the Bible is taught scripturally at appropriate developmental levels.

Sunday Morning
Nursery care newborn through 24 months
Worship and Bible Teaching Ages 2 through 5th grades

Wednesday Night
Nursery care newborn through age 4
Bible Teaching Kindergarten through 5th grades

Calvary Chapel Garland's Children's ministry Mission and Vision is divided by age group.

Age Group 2-3 Yr Pre-K         The program is titled   "Tell Me".  

This is a program designed to be an introduction to key Bible stories and basic theology. Cover stories twice in 2 years. Children are read to, and the story is reinforced with a puppet show and a simple craft.  Class includes worship time, snack, and some playtime at end of class.  

Age Group K – 3rd Standard    The program is titled  "Teach Me

This is a program designed to help the children to learning key Bible stories and basic theology. Cover selected Bible passages once in 2 years. Children read the story, an the story is reinforced with flannel graph and video.  Class includes worship time, snack, but no playtime is scheduled.  

Age Group 3rd Intense - 5th   The program is titled  "Teach Me Again"  

This program is an In-depth study of Bible using inductive method with study topics including biblical history, biblical customs, and fundamental theology.  Full text Bible is used.  Class goes through the Bible once in 3 years.   Class includes worship time, but neither snack nor playtime is scheduled.  


Vacation Bible School occurs the first week of August each year.  VBS is free and open to the community.